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Hi, I'm Heidi, the creator of Boxed Temptations; an online gift box service which features Australian owned or made products, is fully customisable and - above all - is priced to meet your budget.

I love giving gifts - in particular gift boxes. They're so much more personal than a gift card, aren't they? There is something wonderful and a little bit magical​ about the excitement of the unknown; as you look at the box in front of you and lift the lid...

But when searching online for gift boxes, I found they were mostly over $100 or just not products that I was happy with in terms of quality. I wanted a box that was useful, personal and filled with a range of quality items and brands, but I couldn’t find this combination anywhere.​ The solution? I started my own business.

At Boxed Temptations you can personalise a gift box and make it as unique and wonderful as the person you are buying it for - without breaking the bank. And all from the comfort of your own home.

So, grab a tea or coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy shopping for the perfect gift box​ without having to find parking, visit several stores, match a box and then wait in line at Australia Post!