Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 08, 2018

Mother's Day is just around the corner [Sunday 13th May folks, don’t forget!] which means the time has come to lay out the red carpet when it comes to spoiling the special mama in your life. As you know, mothering is a 24/7, 365 day a year job that is fueled by blinding love and for some, a LOT of caffeine. For that reason, it’s a day that dads and children everywhere need to take VERY seriously.

Now, it’s easy to go down the flowers, chocolate and card route but here’s why you shouldn’t: while lovely, they are easily forgotten and are a dime a dollar. You want your appreciation to shine bright like a diamond and these little tokens probably won’t have the impact you desire. Instead, why don’t you give them a gift that will leave a lasting impression and give mum the warm and fuzzies? Never fear, we have just the thing(s) to make your Mum smile.

Slate Platter

I don’t know about your mum, but most every mum I know loves a good platter. Cheese, dips, crackers, antipasto, cured meats and a little [or big dependant on the day!] glass of vino equals a happy Mummy.
Our slate platters are adorned with either a whimsical dandelion or modern hexagon laser engraving. The platter has been crafted from high quality Spanish slate which has been sealed for food use.


Women have a love affair with jewelry: fact. There’s something about adding a cute accessory to an otherwise plain outfit that adds a pep to our step. We’ve sourced a quirky collection of earrings that are practical [for those mummas with newbies, these won’t get caught in hair or scratch your little one] and oh so cute.
Available in pale pink, tan leather, denim, emoji, soldier print and frenchman print.

Coloured Flask

Oh I do love these! Perfect for Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Water, Fruit Infused Water, Juices and more. The best gift for a Mama on the go. These stylish, chemical-free, hard coated stainless steel flasks are silver lined with a glass inner which means temperature is maintained.

It includes a 2-in-1 infuse filter which enables your Mum to create a gorgeous fruit infused water or slow brewing tea with ease. It’s vacuum sealed which means no spills or drips. Hot beverages will stay toasty for 6 hours while chilled drinks will be icy-cold for 12 hours. These are a no brainer and something Mum will use everyday, trust us!
Available in blush, stone, reef and onyx.

Heat Pillow

Ah the perils of being a woman….yes, we’re talking about aches, pains and more caused by pregnancy, monthlies, and carrying children around all day long. The struggle is REAL and for a lot of us, the only way through is to stop and rejuvenate. A heat pillow is the perfect way to alleviate mum’s niggling pains.
This Annabel Trends heat pillow is filled with heatable/chillable silicon beads. They are completely odour free and can be used as a hot or cold pack. The best bit? Well, it looks pretty of course!

We hope we’ve given you some fantastic ideas to spoil mum this Mother’s Day. These are perfect stand alone gifts or even better, bundle them up and create a gorgeous hamper for your amazing Mama. We assure you, you’ll be rewarded with Mum kisses and cuddles a plenty...and you’ll have to pretend you enjoy them because, well? Mother’s Day. Enough said.
Still not sure? Check out our pre-made hampers for ladies who like the fine things in life here or browse our extensive product range to create your own custom hamper.

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